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1922 - Present
The Napier Company got its start in North Attleboro, Massachusetts 1878, under the name of The E. A. Bliss Co., manufacturing gilt men's watch chains. In 1882, the company became incorporated as The E. A. Bliss Company with the word "The" as part of its legal name. The company relocated to Meriden, Connecticut in 1890, after the company sustained rapid growth in the previous decade. During World War I (and again in World War II), they ceased production of jewelry, and instead focused on producing war-related items, such as medallions and medals.

James H. Napier became president of the company in 1920, and the company was renamed, The Napier-Bliss Co. In 1922, the company again changed its name to The Napier Co.

The company was known for its ability to be on the forefront of fashion and design and had a history of sending its designers to Europe. In 1925, James Napier attended the World's Fair Exposition Internationale des Artes Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes in Paris, and brought back with him business ideas, including designs influenced by Parisian and European fashion. Mr. Napier himself, did not design jewelry. James Napier work for the company from 1914 to his death in 1960. From 1920 to 1960 he served as president.

In 1999, the company was bought by Victoria & Company. The plant in Meriden, Connecticut was closed by Victoria & Company on October 15, 1999. However, under the umbrella of Jones Apparel Group, Napier jewellery is still being manufactured and distributed.




Napier with copyright symbol
Napier with copyright mark
1987 Napier Mark and Patent
1987 Napier Patent Mark
1987 Napier mark
1987 Napier Mark

Jewelry Lines



~ Adjustable Screwback


Adjustable Clip on Napier earrings
Adjustable Screw on Clip ons
Napier textured back 1987
Napier Texture 1987



4774743 - 1987 Clasp


None known at this time




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