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Sterling 925 and black glass brooch

Sterling 925 Marcasite and black glass brooch

Richelieu Faux Pearl and textured gold tone brooch in original box

Richelieu textured gold tone with faux pearl brooch in box

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1942 - 1979
New York
Began in New York City as The Fashioncraft Jewelry Co. and was renamed Robert Originals Inc. in the early 1960s. Early jewelry was marked Fashioncraft Robert. "Robert" refers to Robert Levy, one of the original founders of Fashioncraft.

The company Fashioncraft Jewelry was founded in New York City, New York in 1942 by Robert Levey, David Jaffe and Irving Landsman.

In 1951, Landsman left the Company and in 1960 Fashioncraft   Jewelry’s name was changed to Robert Originals, Inc.   Robert jewelry is usually confused with Miriam Haskell or Stanley Hagler’s jewelry due to their similar designs and materials.

Robert’s designs feature nature and floral motifs reminiscent of the Art Nouveau movement.  Robert used faux pearls, colored glass, crystal beads, and high quality Austrian crystal beads set into elaborate gilded filigree metalwork.

Because of its excellent design, workmanship and materials, the jewelry sold at a high price. Robert jewelry was used in some Hollywood films, including the 1952 movie "Viva Zapata,” as well as in television networks.  Robert pieces were produced until around 1975.

In 1975, Robert Levey retired and David Jaffe's daughter, Ellen joined the company.   In 1979 the company’s name changed to ”Ellen Designs for Robert Originals,” and in 1984 it was again changed to  "Ellen Designs.”  The company Ellen Designs is run by Ellen Jaffee Wagman and her husband John Wagman.

Robert’s jewelry was usually marked, but there were different trademarks used from 1942 to 1979; they all had a copyright symbol after 1955.  The different names were “Fashioncraft,”  “Fashioncraft Robert,” “Pinless Pin,”  “Robert,”  “Robert and Robert” and “Originals by Robert.”

In 1979, Robert Originals closed its operations. (




Eisenberg Ice mark
Fashioncraft Robert

Original by Robert

Includes © symbol

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