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In business: 1968 - present

Mel Bernie Company, Burbank, CA, USA

1928 jewelry tag mark 1928 logo jewelry card


Manufacturing Lines: 1928, 2028, 1928 Boutique, Alex Nicole, Antiquities Courture, Downtown Abbey, TRU, and Vatican Library.

These pieces all based on period pieces or at least general designs of eras gone past.

It seems there are several unique characteristics to 1928 jewelry. Much of it has the the swirled pattern below. They also use either a barrell clasp or lobster claw for necklaces. There are exceptions to the clasps so look for the swirled pattern

Also known for using a black Japanning finish.

Jewelry Lines

2028 - Developed exclusively for Macy's

The Vatican Library Collection - Faith-oriented jewelry and gifts such as jeweled angels, etched crosses, engraved crucifixes, hand strung rosaries, hand-enameled rosary boxes, bookmarks and key chains.

Antiquities Couture - A couture-inspired jewelry line inspired by design styles of the Renaissance, Victorian and Grecian eras. Items include pendant necklaces, brooches, earrings and bracelets in gold and silver tones with pearls and semi-precious stones. 1928 Boutique - Intended to offer a retro style upscale alternative to the widely distributed costumer and vintage jewelry collections found in large department stores

T.R.U. -This collection blends multicultural and vintage trinkets intended to convey a bohemian effect, using semi-precious and Swarovski stones, aged suede and leather, gold wiring and tumbled metals. 

Downton Abbey - Inspired by the Edwardian and Art Deco jewelry of the TV show’s period, this collection was created by the design team at 1928 and approved by the Downton Abbey producers in EnglandManufacturing


None known at this time