Daye-Ja Vu

Khafre PyramidThe title “About” just didn’t seem to fit the bill plus it sounded more than a bit boring and average. I endeavor to be neither although I often fall short but then I’m only 5′ 1″ in bare feet.

So who am I? I have a couple of passions in my life and I guess in many ways they define me.

One of those passions is antiques. They fascinate me, drive my curiosity nuts, and sometimes, I swear, they speak to me of times gone by.  Well, not really although I often wonder where they have been and what they have seen and heard over the centuries. My favorite things include Art Deco English glass, Victorian Wedgwood Jasperware, small Victorian/Edwardian bar pins, and Siam Sterling jewelry. Of course there are many things that catch my eye and have ended up on a shelf or in a cabinet but that list covers the areas that I consistently watch for.

My second passion is writing. I have written all my life but never with much focus. I went through the writing of lyrics, short story, journalism, publishing, editing, etc. It has always just been with me in one form or another. I guess one could say that I’m now in my research and historical mode and have been in this mode for the last five years or so. What more could I ask for….bringing my two passions together.

About 15 years ago I sat at the base of Khafre, one of the great pyramids of Egypt outside Cairo. I sat in the dust with my back propped against the stone and stared out toward a distant mountain range and considered what it would have taken to bring rock from there to where I sat. It was probably one of the most eye-opening events in my life as I considered history and the people and things that came before.  Maybe it was the moment or just being caught up in it all, but I felt like I could feel the past; feel the presence of workers and craftsmen from so long ago. It was a moment that defined me and pointed me in a direction of curiosity about the past and the role it plays in our lives today.



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