Big Changes

First let me just admit…I have been bad.  Very bad.  I realize how little I have shared my research over the last months. Well, that is about to change…

 document.getElementById('ShopifyEmbedScript') || document.write(''); Buy Asian Carved Wood Nesting BoxesLet me tell you a little story.  Some years ago my husband and I decided to sell online.  My focus at the time was to sell was car parts.  My husband has been collecting Ford/Mercury parts from the late 60s for some 30 years and I figured online was a good way to move them out and give me back my garage and, well, let’s just say more space.

At the time I never considered selling other things, i.e. vintage jewelry, housewares, tableware, and home decor so we had come up with the name Junkbox Treasures.  It just seemed to fit car parts.

Well, some years have passed and I’m just now beginning to list car parts (mild laughter) but we do so much more than that, that it was time to change our name to something a bit more that suited us.  We became Salamander Alley.

What does this mean?  I plan on keeping Junkbox Treasures for it is where I put information that I need to remember . The website and its resources will continue to grow. I am getting back to researching and writing and you will have access to that as well as the new blog that is just beginning on Salamander Alley.

Because I have quite a following on this blog and I want all of you to have access to not only this blog and the accompanying website Vintage Echt Cobalt Bavaria Coffee Tea Service but also my new blog on Salamander Alley and the new website with all the perks of membership.

I will be adding each of you to our new mailing list BUT that is going to take some time since there are many of you.

Our first event is our Exclusive Grand Opening Sale that begins November 1st. If you want to make sure that you receive the newsletter with the special discount code, then jump over to and sign up for our newsletter NOW.

The Newsletter SIGN-UP is at the bottom of every page.

If you don’t that’s okay, you will eventually get added to the list and receive information about future sales, events, news, etc.

There is an opt out at the bottom of the newsletter if you so desire although I hope you hang around.  I’m in the mood to research, share, discuss, and keep exploring this world of collectibles and antiques.


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