Antique Technical Warrior Here

I know, I’m supposed to know about old stuff and I do but that also includes old technology.  I was a pro with the old IBM Selectric and shorthand…hell yea.  I even write HTML code, and have since the 90s.

I was semi comfortable with today’s publishing platform, WordPress.  I decided to host my own blog. I don’t write PHP but know enough to get myself into trouble but up until now…I’ve been good and technically it has all been going smoothly.

Until this morning….

A site called robof*** decided that they really wanted my password.  In fact it robotically attempted the password so many times that speed was draining from my host’s system and they shut me down and sent me this nice friendly e-mail.

It was in a lovingly derogatory and accusatory tone like I had called Italy this morning and bet them they couldn’t crack my password. Yea, that’s what happened…I woke up grouchy and planned an attack on myself (tends to justify being grouchy…)

By nine this morning I warned my husband that I was going to need a box of donuts and sex at noon (ya know, stress relief).  Which reminds me as I’m looking at the clock that it is well after noon and he is no where to be found. Ha! I’m sure in his errands this morning there is going to be a box of donuts when he gets home and since we missed the sex window, well……….

I’m back up and running but there have already been changes.  I hope that you enjoy the new layout.  I think it is a bit more simplified and I think that’s good. There may be a few glitches but those will get straightened out.

So, enough of this technical stuff and back to ‘my pretties’ (and making more coffee to go with the donuts that I’m sure will arrive soon….)


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