1940s Jewelry From Iran

Have you seen one of those bracelets that are silver cannetille or open work with Niello and they say Iran? Ever wonder where they came from? Let’s explore a bit of history…

Persian Corridor IranIran BraceletPicture it. World War II was in progress and although they were not supposed to, Germany invaded the USSR. Iran became the gateway and became known as the Persian Corridor for getting supplies to Russia to fight the Germans. Starting in 1942, and continuing until September, 1945, U.S. and English forces occupied parts of Iran.

These soldiers bought jewelry, most often bracelets, for loved ones at home.  In today’s world we can hardly dream of the U.S. and Iran cooperating, even grudgingly as it did in WWII, but it happened and it was an important piece of history and part of the story of the defeat of Hitler.

Note that not all bracelets say “Iran” on them but all that I have seen have been dated 1944 or 1945. They have a look about them. The artwork is relatively crude but the open metal work is lovely. Silver content in all the ones that I have seen are not sterling. Most likely they are coin silver. Hand etched, they are adorned with niello work.

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