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I know that these pages are usually not written in first person but I'm thinking 'who cares'. I guess I have been collecting all my life but I truly immersed myself into the world of collectibles and antiques in about 2010 along with my husband. It really began with 2 particular things; Siam Sterling Jewelry and Wedgwood Jasperware. I have been hooked ever since.

This website began as a side project so that I could track information and look up things that I may have forgotten so it really was just for my personal use. But now, with about 2,000 visitors a month I realized that I really wanted to update it with so much that I have learned over the years. I really have not updated about 5 years or more. Thus, the 'Under Construction' statement on the homepage.

I think the most important aspect of what I do (buying and selling collectibles and antiques) is the history. I get lost in research and attempting to understand how and why things were used the way they were. Oh, how our world has changed over the last 100+ years!

I hope that you enjoy the new layout and the updated info but please keep in mind, that this is a very large site and I do not work at this full-time so it's going to take time to bring it up to speed. I appreciate your interest and your patience.

If you are intersted in reaching out to me, please do so. I try to answer every email even if I don't have the answer to the question. I love talking collectibles and antiques. You can reach me Here.