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This is your main page for researching vintage and antique jewelry. It is a huge category and one that obviously is going to fill up slowly. If you have any information that you would like to submit, contact us.

This is an ongong project. Right now the framework is being built. Few links work and there is little information at this point. Bookmark this page and check back often because as soon as the framework is done, information will begin to be added.

Marks & Mfgs

Look up manufacturer's marks


This section covers everything from different types of chain, to necklace styles, etc. Lots of general information here for identifying parts of your jewelry.


Definitions and exmples of words associated with vintage jewelry


Dating through characteristics


Metals, Acrylics, Bakelite, Thermoset, Pot Metal, Gold, Silver, Coin Silver, etc.

Stone Primer

Precious and semi-precious stones, rhinestones, cuts, types, glass, etc.

Men's Jewelry

From money clips to tie clasps and watch fobs

Native American

Designers, mark, and information


History, examples, dating, etc.