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Junkbox Treasures Collectibles and Antiques

Junkbox Treasures is a hub or what you may call a research lab for collectors and dealers of antiques and collectibles. The idea is to have a website that is devoted to the research of and the learning aspects of all things vintage. It is searchable and intended to be used as a research tool for all those interested in exploring the world of antiques and collectibles. It's initial focus will date from 1800 to 1970.

Antiques & Collectibles Research Lab

My passion is writing and researching antiques and collectibles and one of the problems I run into is that there is so much information to remember, especially since I am more eclectic. I decided to build a framework, or database, that could house all that information in a practical and useable way. It includes my own research as well as links to other online sources. It's goal is to be a one stop research lab for antique dealers and collectors.

This is an ongong project. Right now the bulk of the work is being done in Jewelry Research. Information is added daily.

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Our online Etsy store is currently focused on antique and vintage jewelry and accessories although we have been adding easily shipped vintage items for the home.

Antiques Blog

Daye's blog is focused on research with usually two articles a week on a variety of subjects. Some of this information will be expanded and available within the website.


Begin researching your antiques. Either search by category or use the search tool located in the left column. Some areas do overlap so you may find info in more than one place.